Thoughts on thinking

It’s easier to think creatively when I’m a bit mobile. It’s not that a walk is always the right choice when I’m stuck, but it can and often does help me overcome a creative block. Sometimes, we just need to power through, but in the world of work that I’m in, I’m not often stuck for lack of trying. It’s the ability to see clearly that usually blocks me.

Walking and reflecting on what I just tried out (or what I’m stumped on) gives me dedicated time to analyze my own thoughts and visualize what I’m doing. Essentially, I am running an inventory on what I’ve collected. My work requires me to consider many inputs very well and very quickly, and moving my actual body seems to me to be the simplest way to boost my mental energy and keep this thinker earning me an income.

When my heart rate and breath pick up a little, they seem to act as a kind of flush for mental space. It allows you to let go of some weight that isn’t helping you at that moment and file the thoughts that are useful right back in. It’s kind of like closing all those browser tabs, or emptying your garbage bins, but for your brain.

Thinking about this reminds me of a few books on protecting your mental energy and being careful with informational inputs. Maybe I’ll put together a little list of resources here in the future.

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Until next time.