These modern times.

Ten to one
I count, undone
After the bitter march of ghouls with guns
Hundreds more, lest they rest
Willing hearts sent to wreck

“Chill out, bro
It’s just the news.
Put it down, give it a rest.
Here, try the new Meta Quest.”

I'm someone who's always excited to try new technology as it releases. While I sincerely mean no judgement toward any of us being consumers, something doesn't feel right to me about spending nearly $4,000 on a VR headset, or even $500 for that matter, if I haven't contributed at least this much to liberating Palestine, to Ukraine, to trans rights, to reproductive rights, to women's rights. The list continues.

I can often justify a technology expense as being a step in increasing earning potential. Perhaps that also increases my donation potential as well. In times like today, though - it feels like wishful thinking.

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Until next time.